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Let’s face it. We live in a fast-pace society where our time is at a premium. There are days when we have more available time than others, and we need to put that to good use. You need a 5 minute Torah commentary to keep you on track, especially during those busy weeks.

There is no better way for a disciple of Yeshua to devote our time than to study the Word of God. The 5 Minute Torah book contains an entire year’s worth of Torah commentaries from the weekly 5 Minute Torah blog posts from Emet HaTorah. It is designed to give you a thought-provoking nugget of the weekly Torah portion in just five minutes or less each and every week. Whether you are looking for quick inspiration, a personal challenge, or a brief nugget you can chew on for the week, the 5 Minute Torah is for you. Let the 5 Minute Torah be your weekly inspiration as you study through the weekly Torah portions.!

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