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There are many commentaries and devotionals on the Torah, the five books of Moses. But there are very few written from a Messianic Jewish perspective that are focused on connecting the teachings of Yeshua and his disciples to the Torah in practical ways. 5 Minute Torah, Volume 2 is the follow-up edition to the highly praised original volume of 5 Minute Torah. Just like the original, Volume 2 is filled with profound, thought-provoking, insights into the weekly Torah portions from a Messianic Jewish perspective. Each chapter focuses on a particular theme drawn out through a glimpse into the Hebrew or insights from an ancient commentator. 5 Minute Torah, Volume 2 will quickly become your go-to source for weekly inspiration as you study the weekly Torah portions.

Description from the original volume:
Let’s face it. We live in a fast-paced society where our time is at a premium. There are days when we have more available time than others, and we need to put that to good use. There is no better way for a disciple of Yeshua to devote our time than to study the Word of God. Following on the heels of our previous release, 5 Minute Torah, Volume 1, we are proud to announce the upcoming release of 5 Minute Torah, Volume 2! Each of these books is designed to give you a thought-provoking nugget of the weekly Torah portion from a Messianic Jewish perspective in just five minutes or less each and every week.

Whether you are looking for quick inspiration, a personal challenge, or a brief nugget you can chew on for the week, the 5 Minute Torah is for you. Let us be your inspiration as we study through the weekly Torah cycle together. Five minutes is all it takes to change your life.

Praises for 5 Minute Torah

Praises for 5 Minute Torah

Don’t let the title “5 Minute Torah” fool you. There is plenty of depth and nuggets to keep you thinking through the day.

Mitch M.

I have found this book to be a fantastic addition to my study regime. While each devotional chapter may take only five minutes to read, a reader will reflect on what he or she has learned from it for far longer. Nearly every chapter presents an insight that my study partners and I haven’t seen elsewhere. Each Torah insight is brought out through the illumination of the words of the Master and the apostles. Whether you are new to Torah or have been studying it for years, you will be challenged and inspired by Darren’s book—and maybe even tempted to peek at the next week’s chapter.

Sheldon W.

Huckey packs unique insights and deep, meaningful reflections that betray many years of intensive thought and study into this accessible and user-friendly volume.

David L.